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Are You Paying Too Much in Taxes?

If you’re filing a Schedule C on your personal tax return, the answer is probably yes.

It’s not uncommon for many contractors, freelancers, and small businesses to carry a tax status that prevents them from realizing significant savings on their annual income taxes.

Why let those hard-earned profits go to waste? Don’t miss out on this chance to keep more of your money.

Accounting & Business Partners can help you implement a strategic tax strategy to maximize your income and optimize your tax returns this year.

Solid bookkeeping is vital to all businesses. Whether you need to file for a loan, manage a legal situation, or simply keep close track of your business’ statements and finances, you need to be able to count on your bookkeeper’s accuracy, reliability, and attention to detail. When the ABP bookkeeping team becomes your team, you will see that our bookkeepers are masters of the craft. Having an expert’s eye handling your bookkeeping saves you time and reduces your risk of unnecessary stress and fees. We’ll take care of the stress and the hassle, so you can do what you love: running your business.

We help your business with cash flow management through better bookkeeping, tax planning, and effective financial strategy.

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    Common Challenges for
    Schedule C Filers

    As a single-member LLC, your tax filing status is determined when you file for your Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the IRS.

    Unfortunately, this leaves most freelancers and contractors automatically filing Schedule C and having to pay both the employer and employee portion of FICA taxes. This means you are paying the highest tax on your net income – as much as 15.3%.
    Bookkeeping Services | Accounting and Business Partners
    Bookkeeping Services | Accounting and Business Partners

    Simple Solutions for
    Small Businesses

    In addition to maximizing deductions and reviewing expenses, Accounting & Business Partners sits down with each of our clients to walk them through the numbers. Once they see it, they’re so glad we did.

    If you filed a Schedule C as an independent contractor, freelancer professional, or small business owner, let us see how much you can save on your 2022 tax bill.
    Learn more about S-Corporations and Schedule C

    Want to see how it all works? Check out our article on how you can save significant amounts on your taxes as a freelancer or contractor.


    Our Client

    I highly recommend them to everyone!

    Andrea and her team have been providing invaluable services to my business for the past ten years. They are prompt, detail-oriented, and keep things running smoothly. During the COVID pandemic they have gone above and beyond to help make sure that my business is financially protected and that we pursue all available financial options. I highly recommend them to everyone!
    Avian and Animal Hospital

    The best thing that I've done for my business.

    Andrea and Lisa have been instrumental in my recent success. Hiring them is like the best thing that I've done for my business in the last two years. Over the course of my consulting with them I've completely revamped my books so that I have control over my P&L and they have helped me find and secure software to help me run my business more efficiently.
    Maximum Security Services, Inc.

    This office is top notch.

    From day one of us opening our business, Andrea has been there to help us along the way. Everything is always done correctly the first time. She even set up a meeting with us and a financial planner to help with our retirement plans. This office is top notch.
    ERIN A.
    Beard Brewery

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