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Are you interested in getting to know us better? Here at Accounting & Business Partners, we offer a wide range of services for managing all of the accounting needs for you and your corresponding business. Albeit, when you truly cut down to the core of who we are,  you will find that we strive on being much more than a traditional accounting firm. When you choose to pursue a work relationship with ABP, our team undoubtedly becomes a part of your team. As your business accountant we treat your business like it’s our own, fine tuning every angle from a precise accounting strategy. ABP takes the financial strategy worries off your shoulders, allowing you to maintain and flourish your business with exceptional ebb and flow. Through our expert coordination, we seamlessly integrate our top tier business and accounting strategy into your very own unique business; however, we don’t stop there. We oversee important aspects ranging from your personal tax returns to managing your payroll. At ABP,  we’re completely client focused and results driven. 

Overall, we can assure you that you will be highly delighted with the work that Accounting & Business Partners produces.  We understand the importance of being a business owner and entrepreneur. We apply a 360-degree approach to your business and highly embrace the significance and responsibility that comes with being self employed. A minor detail missed in the accounting world can manifest into larger obstacles, including legal troubles. Therefore, we believe that you should not have to worry about the foundation and compliance aspects that come with running your business. It is unnecessary to utilize multiple vendors for bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation, insurance, banking relationships, legal agreements, and retirement planning. Instead, we provide you a full package of these various services that coincide with support from our trusted partnership with ADP and fellow business partners with professions in banking, insurance, and legal services. This approach is crucial because you should be running your business with the sole focus on sales and operations, rather than possible behind the scenes mishaps from unskilled personnel. When you choose to partner with Accounting & Business Partners, we treat your business like it is our own bread and butter. Our team is your team, period.

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ABP Team

Our in-house experts will help you reach your full potential. Our number one priority is to ensure you exceed your goals, and grow with a strong financial foundation.
Founder & CEO

Andrea Bone

Client Account Manager

Lisa Calloway

Client Account Manager

Adielle Gillen

Client Account Manager

Aaron Gillen

Tax & Compliance Manager

Linda Boyce

Payroll & Insurance Manager

Jean Nylin

Office Manager

Mara Bone

Operations Manager

Jesse Candelaria

Staff Accountant

Camille Prado

Chief Wellness Officer

Lola Mae


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By partnering with brands we believe in, our clients become extensions of the ABP family.

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