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At Accounting & Business Partners, we don’t just offer traditional business accounting services – we understand what it’s like to own and operate a business. That’s why we provide a comprehensive 360-degree approach to our clients. We understand that entrepreneurs need to consider every detail and potential issue. Even the smallest detail overlooked can cause huge problems.

We want you to be able to concentrate on sales and operations, not worrying about what’s going on behind the scenes. To make it easier, we’ve partnered with ADP and other business partners in banking, insurance, and legal services to provide a complete package of services and support.

By choosing Accounting & Business Partners, you’re getting a team that treats your business as if it were their own. With us by your side, you can focus on growing your business, knowing that the “back end” is taken care of.

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Why Your Business Needs Our
Complete Full Service Accounting


Tax planning and strategy is more than being able to produce a tax return each year. It includes components such as investing, retirement planning, and more.


Quality business decisions come from having quality data. Bookkeeping may honestly seem like a fairly simple process, but there is actually more to it than meets the eye.


Our focus is to allow our clients to take care of their employees while eliminating the guesswork. At ABP, we make payroll hassle-free, saving our clients both time and energy.


We offer a turnkey solution with our partnership with ADP.
ADP is a payroll and human resources management company trusted by over 700,000 businesses across the globe.

Our Success
is Centered on You

The most significant part of the whole plan is you. You had a good reason for taking the plunge and becoming your own boss, so tell us what that is. What are your current and long-term dreams, goals, and plans? We'll make sure you get there.

Being self-employed means you have to take care of your health care, disability, life insurance, and paid time off, sick and vacation days. That's why we're here to help - to ensure your business is protected from disruptions so you can focus on growth and impact. We'll do whatever it takes to ensure you achieve the highest success.
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A 360-degree View of
Your Success

It's easy to think that accounting, payroll, and taxes are all you need to worry about for your business, but there's much more. Insurance, business attorneys, and retirement plans are just some things you'll need to consider.

Our accounting firm isn't like the rest; we understand the specific needs of small businesses and have spent decades serving them. Don't settle for a mediocre accounting firm; choose the one that will ensure your business's future growth and success.

Our personalized plan will include many of the following elements:
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  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Commercial Auto
  • Workers Compensation
  • Group or Individual Health


  • Are you working with a small business and a friendly bank?
  • Do you need loans, lines of credit, and merchant services offered?


  • Have you looked at your legal documents or contracts and are fully able to comprehend its contents?
  • Do you have a partnership agreement?
  • Do you have a buy-sell agreement?
  • Do you have a will that not only addresses your personal needs, but those of the business if  something should happen?

Human Resources 

  • Do you have an application for employment?
  • Do you have an Employee Handbook for new hires?
  • Do you know the legal way to hire and fire staff?
  • Do you know how to classify different types of workers and who qualifies for salary versus who fits under standard hourly pay?
  • What benefits are you legally required to provide?

Retirement Plans

  • Simple IRA
  • 401k
  • Solo K
  • Self-directed IRA

Our Client

I highly recommend them to everyone!

Andrea and her team have been providing invaluable services to my business for the past ten years. They are prompt, detail-oriented, and keep things running smoothly. During the COVID pandemic they have gone above and beyond to help make sure that my business is financially protected and that we pursue all available financial options. I highly recommend them to everyone!
Avian and Animal Hospital

The best thing that I've done for my business.

Andrea and Lisa have been instrumental in my recent success. Hiring them is like the best thing that I've done for my business in the last two years. Over the course of my consulting with them I've completely revamped my books so that I have control over my P&L and they have helped me find and secure software to help me run my business more efficiently.
Maximum Security Services, Inc.

This office is top notch.

From day one of us opening our business, Andrea has been there to help us along the way. Everything is always done correctly the first time. She even set up a meeting with us and a financial planner to help with our retirement plans. This office is top notch.
Beard Brewery

What Businesses
Need to Succeed

It is abundantly clear that the most common reason why small businesses fail is cash flow issues. U.S. Bank's research, which has been corroborated by SCORE/Counselors to America’s Small Business, illustrates that cash flow issues make up a staggering majority of the reasons for business failure. To ensure the success of your small business, it is essential to pay close attention to cash flow management and to have a detailed business plan in place.

We understand how vital this is and the challenges involved. Let Accounting & Business Partners help.

Custom Services for
Custom Needs

Are you unsure if the 360 approach is the right fit for your business? Worry not. Our services are available a la carte, so we can assist if you need help with taxes, payroll, or bookkeeping. Plus, we offer incorporation services, CFO consulting, and new business start-up support. Still not sure what your business needs? Let's chat--give us a call today!
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Allowing businesses to discover what's possible for them as individuals, and for their businesses.

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