Getting payroll right is vital. Businesses can be at risk if they don’t do this right!

Let’s face it. Payroll is complicated. How do you pay yourself? How do you pay anyone that works for you? How are they classified – contractor or employee? What taxes do you need to collect and remit? Not knowing the answers to these questions and more can make or break your business. Literally. The IRS imposes a very harsh penalty when business payroll taxes are not paid. The penalty is 100% of the Taxes owed. Payroll, payroll taxes and employee classification can be confusing for any business owner. The ABP payroll team is highly trained and knowledgeable and has the expertise to answer everyday questions about payroll, payroll taxes, benefits, employee classification and workers compensation insurance. We are also fortunate enough to have a unique partnership with ADP, a leading worldwide provider of payroll and human resource management services, to assist with any payroll, human resource, benefits, or insurance needs you may have.

Payroll taxes are one of the largest areas where business owners mess up when filing taxes.  Most business owners do not understand payroll taxes. Our job at ABP,  is to keep the business owner out of harm’s way when filing these taxes, while simultaneously maximizing their opportunities.

Not having a proper payroll tax service can be completely detrimental to one’s business. At ABP, we have our clients completely covered from all angles. Our objective is to ensure that every business is in compliance with all state and federal tax obligations. Do you know how to weave the thread of optimizing your business savings from all angles?


Tax Risk

We see it with business owners all the time. Not properly paying your employees is both a huge ordeal and risk to your business. We take this seriously at ABP and ensure that your business is not at risk to this failure.

Taxes are usually the last thing on your mind as a business owner. If you are not working with a team whose expertise is centered on business bookkeeping and accounting, you might fall into the abyss of taxes becoming your biggest struggle to figure out. At ABP, we ensure that taxes never become frightening for you.

As a business owner, you need to be focused on the development of your company. We take this pressure off your shoulders by allowing you to focus on your company’s growth, while we focus on your business accounting.

Payroll taxes are one of the largest areas business owners botch when filing taxes.  Most business owners do not understand payroll taxes. Our job at ABP is to keep you knowledgable when filing these taxes, while simultaneously maximizing your opportunities for returns.

Not having a proper payroll tax service can be disastrous to your business. At ABP, we have you the client, as well as your business, covered from all angles. Our objective is to ensure that your business is in compliance with all state and federal tax obligations. 

There is a false notion that writing checks to pay your business’ employees means that your employees are actually set up legitimately within your payroll system. That is not always the case. If payroll taxes are not withdrawn from your employees checks, your business is going to be liable for tax penalties for each improperly written check. At ABP, we will help educate you on how to take control over your payroll advantages.

Payroll taxes are one of the biggest areas where you can get yourself into trouble as a business owner. Our experts keep you out of harm’s way by playing by the rules, all the while maximizing your opportunities for success. We take care of all of your accounting needs, allowing you to fully focus on running your business.

Payroll with ABP
is So Easy

As a business, paying employees can become extremely time-consuming, financially inefficient, and labor intensive if you do not have a financial expert’s assistance. ABP ensures that you are aware of potential payroll tax risks, remain compliant with applicable laws, and avoid costly mistakes in the long run.

According to the IRS, 40% of small businesses pay an average of $845 a year in penalties.

There is an overwhelming amount of companies out there offering payroll software or a payroll system; however, ABP is a true payroll solution.


Not every business can realistically have, want, or need an in-house accountant to handle your bookkeeping and accounting needs. ABP provides your business with confidence that your payroll will be managed quickly and securely.

Cut Cost
Avoid IRS Tax Penalties
Human Resources
Leverage Our Expertise
Pay Employees Quickly
We Manage Your Withholdings
Tax Forms Filed For You

At ABP, we know that in order to win the game, you must know the rules. Both businesses and individuals can get in a lot of trouble if they simply do not know these rules. We are the rules experts at ABP. We know the difference between a W2 and a W9, and we’ll even manage your employee handbooks. Our team manages your payroll and payroll taxes, being sure to properly pay your employees, all while keeping correct and organized records.

The risk of you trying to manage your payroll by yourself is huge; and at ABP we make sure that you know the right methods to handle it. We make sure you have access to benefit programs so that your returns are smooth and easy. ADP makes managing payroll and associated taxes easy for you.


Being a small business owner is a liberating experience. But with the freedom, also comes a wide range of responsibilities. Many are not aware of it, but this can ultimately make or break your business. It’s important to know the consequences of being delinquent on business payroll taxes so you don’t make a costly mistake with your business finances.

When you neglect to pay your payroll taxes on time, you will receive a warning from the IRS. If the issue is not resolved in a timely manner, there are several consequences that can become reality (and a nightmare) for you.

The IRS imposes a very harsh penalty when business payroll taxes are not paid. The penalty usually equates to the total amount of the taxes being owed.This is called a “Trust Fund Recovery.” Remember, when your payroll tax obligations are not met, you are breaking a binding contract you have with the United States Government.

IRC Section 6672(a) states that the blame for not paying business payroll taxes goes to “every responsible person” who willfully neglected to pay the payroll taxes. This means accountants, bookkeepers, and anyone with check signing ability can get the blame for the tax debt.

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