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Tax planning and strategy is more than being able to produce a tax return each year. It includes components such as investing, retirement planning, and more.


Quality business decisions come from having quality data. Bookkeeping may honestly seem like a fairly simple process, but there is actually more to it than meets the eye.


Our focus is to allow our clients to take care of their employees while eliminating the guesswork. At ABP, we make payroll hassle-free, saving our clients both time and energy.


We offer a turnkey solution with our partnership with ADP.
ADP is a payroll and human resources management company trusted by over 700,000 businesses across the globe.
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What Does Becoming Our Client Look Like?

Our First Conversation

We start our process by learning about you, your business, and the company's needs and goals. In our initial conversation, we don't simply talk about bookkeeping but rather, we become masters in all aspects of you and your business.


Once we understand your business and its position in the marketplace, we then strategically create a comprehensive move-forward strategy. We take where you currently are and merge that with where you want to go in the near future. This is all part of crafting your foundation for limitless possibilities.


Impeccably accurate financial data provides your team with the insights and tools needed to make sound decisions. By taking the time to get to know your business and implementing a customized strategy accordingly, we solidify a concrete foundation that ensures your business's ongoing success.

Our Implementation

We’ll establish effective systems, processes, and methodologies that grant you the freedom to generate new business and envision the next dream that we’ll be taking on together.

The Ongoing

The foundation of quality accounting, payroll, and taxes are vital to the success of your business. However, how do you make your business work long term for you? Developing a long term 360 degree strategy is key to your financial success. As your outsourced accounting services team we take the time to make sure your strategy is tailored to your business needs.
The Plan
We go above and beyond by getting to know all aspects of your business to create a plan that serves to guide you. We want you to focus on enjoying your business fully as we make the adjustments that open up avenues for you to accelerate in ways you might have otherwise not have considered.
The Budget
Budgeting and planning create the roadmap for success long term. This budgeting roadmap gives you a higher degree of success in achieving your goals.
The Analytics
It is said, the data does not lie. Data gives us feedback to evaluate the plan. Analytics provide way points to ensure we are moving in the right direction to achieve your long term goals.
The Future
The foundation, budget and analytics are the basis for a successful business. The next step is a successful long term future for you. As your outsourced accounting services team, we craft your long term plan, including investment and tax strategies, to ensure your business is working for you instead of you working for your business.

Our Client

I highly recommend them to everyone!

Andrea and her team have been providing invaluable services to my business for the past ten years. They are prompt, detail-oriented, and keep things running smoothly. During the COVID pandemic, they have gone above and beyond to help make sure that my business is financially protected and that we pursue all available financial options. I highly recommend them to everyone!
Avian and Animal Hospital

The best thing that I've done for my business.

Andrea and Lisa have been instrumental in my recent success. Hiring them is the best thing that I've done for my business in the last two years. Over the course of my consulting with them, I've completely revamped my books so that I have control over my P&L. They have helped me find and secure software to help me run my business more efficiently.
Maximum Security Services, Inc.

This office is top notch.

From day one of us opening our business, Andrea has been there to help us along the way. Everything is always done correctly the first time. She even set up a meeting with us and a financial planner to help with our retirement plans. This office is top notch.
Beard Brewery
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