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Why You & Your Business Need Bookkeeping & Accounting

Monitor The Progress Of Your Business

You need to know your results to monitor the progress of your business. Financial reports and data can show whether your business is improving, which items are selling, or what changes you need to make. Accurate and timely financial reports can increase the likelihood of business success.

Obtain A Loan Or Request Credit From Suppliers

Banks and suppliers will not give you credit based on your word that you will pay timely. They require proof. Proof in the form of a Balance Sheet showing what you own and what you owe and a Profit and Loss statement showing how much you are making each month and year.

Prepare Your Tax Returns

You need financial statements to prepare your tax returns. The financial statements provide the required information to complete your business and personal tax returns.

Support Items Reported On Tax Returns

The information reported on the tax return must be backed up by source documents (receipts, invoices, canceled checks). You must keep your business records available at all times for inspection by the IRS. If the IRS examines any of your tax returns, you may be asked to explain the items reported.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Accounting & Business Partners team are more than just accountants. The team is a partner in our business. It’s really awesome to have someone who takes a vested interest in our business. They really spent countless hours getting to know our business…the team really truly does act like our in-house Controller.”
-LJ Shaw, Tampa Contractor Group


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