Benefit With Our Strategic PartnersWe offer a turnkey solution with our partnership with ADP.
Who is ADP?

ADP is a payroll and human resources management company trusted by over 700,000 businesses across the globe. ADP provides everything from payroll processing software, to full-fledged HR solutions and services, to administration and business insurance. ABP is proud of our partnership with ADP and want to share with you the benefits of working with an international company like ADP.


Accounting and Business Partners provides ADP payroll processing and marketing packages that can help you access workers’ compensation, even with as little as one to two employees!

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Our team of financial experts is here to help take the stress out of payroll management. Whether it is to supply W-2’s, 1099’s, direct deposits, or robust reporting, ABP creates peace of mind with the latest technology ADP has to offer. 

We trust ADP because of their top-rated payroll offering, as well as their mission to add value and integrity at every step and with every product. ABP utilizes their offerings in order to provide secure, reliable, and expedient payroll solutions that allow our clients to focus on their passion and future. 

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Our partnership with ADP can provide your small business with workers’ compensation, health insurance, and more information to help your business grow. 

Employee benefits plans will become more accessible.

You can get HR advice, legal advice, human resources tools, and even get a polished employee handbook with all legal policies covered.

ADP can perform criminal and background checks on all employees.

Discover what’s possible for you and your business.

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Providing business owners with
five star service for over 30 years.

Accounting and Business Partners take the time to truly understand your business. Their enthusiasm and dedication to you as a client is over the top. My objective when hiring Andrea and team was to have someone with fresh eyes look at my business and help me with cleaning up my books. Andrea and team spent countless hours going through my quickbooks POS and helped with cleaning up quickbooks to get a better look at how the company was actually performing.

With the data cleaned up they then helped me set realistic attainable goals that will put this company into a major profit gain. In my opinion Accounting and Business Partners are part of my business. They truly act like you have an internal CFO working alongside you every day.

Success By Design

I have enjoyed having Andrea and the ABP Accounting team as a partner over the past 2 years. After quickly getting up to speed on our business and accounting, they were able to recommend and execute upgrades to our accounting process to provide us with greater visibility into the business financials. All the while, they have been reliable at bookkeeping, invoicing, and all the accounting basics that make it feel like they are a part of our team.


We began working with Andrea in March of 2017 on a project specific assignment which involved reconciling the past two years of our financial statements due to a MESS created by our former CFO. All was completed as promised. Now Andrea is our consulting CFO and her staff manages our day to day accounting needs of my $20MM staffing company. Andrea is in a class by herself; an extremely knowledgeable CPA but she clearly gets the big picture with significant focus on the details. Through partnering with Andrea’s firm we have been able to reduce our back office overhead while significantly improving the quality and timing of our financial reporting.

Lead Staffing

We were introduced to Andrea several years ago and at our first meeting she asked why our businesses were not set up as S Corporations. She explained that we were paying more tax as a Schedule C filer. Andrea prepared a tax projection showing what our tax would be as an S Corporation with a W2 Salary and we made the change to the S Corp. Our first year of filing with Accounting & Business Partners, we saved a substantial amount of tax. In addition to the S corporation change, they advised us to start a SEP IRA and a Health Savings Account to further maximize our tax savings and retirement options. The team at ABP goes the distance and looks at the entire picture. They give options and present the tax planning in a clear, concise manner so you can make an informed decision. We love working with the team at ABP! They are amazing!

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