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What is your real bookkeeping cost?

Most businesses owners think that they can manage their own books. While that may be true for a little while, soon maintaining the other aspects of your business means that you won’t have the time or energy to maintain your own accounts.

Sure, a full-time bookkeeper can sound like a great idea! A bookkeeper or accounting company is more than just someone to keep track of receipts and write checks. They are a key to your company’s inevitable growth. Hiring the right bookkeeper can save you time, but are bookkeepers really worth all the money that they are costing you?

Did you know, that according to the United States Department of Labor and the Occupational Employment and Wages statistics:

On average, a bookkeepers cost can range anywhere from $1,382 to $6,382 per month! This cost has to include payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, vacation time and pay, health insurance, retirement contribution, and overhead.
The monthly cost to a company can range from about $850 to $5,700. This is also in addition to the time that a business owner has to spend supervising and training the bookkeeper, as well as the CPA fees to compile financials.
The average total monthly bookkeeper cost in the US is anywhere from $2,232 to $12,082!

So if you don’t want to waste more money on bookkeeping costs and you don’t have the time or patience to muddle through the books on your own, you should look into outsourcing your accounting. You will  always be up-to-date and informed on your financial situation.
Don’t spend all of your hard-earned money on bookkeeping costs that weigh you down, look into alternative options and watch your business soar!

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