Motivate Employees

Quick Ways To Motivate Employees

How do you motivate employees? It should be no shock that there are a large amount of unmotivated and disengaged employees in the workforce. And if happy workers make for productive workers, you had better start motivating now.

Whether you are a small business owner or a manager in a large organization, you need to increase revenue and grow productivity. This means that you need your staff to work as efficiently as possible. They need to be dedicated to you and your company.

According to Dale Carnegie Training®:

Employee engagement rates are directly tied to feelings about interactions with their immediate supervisor and if an employee is dissatisfied with their immediate supervisor, there is an 80% chance that they are disengaged.

Here are 5 easy ways to motivate employees to grow your company.

Tip 1 to motivate employees:

Take an interest in their work-life balance

Make sure to pay attention to them, and what makes them happy. Small gestures will make a big difference. Most of all, next time someone asks to flex their schedule for a family commitment, dentist appointment or a child’s field trip, think twice before you say no.

Tip 2 to motivate employees:

Incentives help

You can offer low-cost incentives like gift cards, catered lunch, or a half day off to show appreciation for a job well done. Finally, a bonus can go far in making an employee happy.

Tip 3 to motivate employees:

Listen to their career goals

If an employee believes that their manager cares about their career goals and ambitions, consequently it can make a huge difference. Also, suggesting mentors or giving tips can help an employee stay motivated and invested.

Tip 4 to motivate employees:

Help them understand “why”

When you see a lack of motivation in your employees, take the time to figure out why they are in that career field. Help them understand and remind them of why they started the job in the first place. Most of the time that is enough to motivate your employees to work smarter.

Tip 5 to motivate employees:

Empower them

Take the time to give an employee more say in what they are doing. Sometimes giving up a little control or letting the reins loose a bit can make an employee happy and motivated. If you can’t do that, take the time to ask them what should be done differently to make their job easier.

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