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Signs That You Have An Inadequate Tax Accountant

You can find a tax accountant and a bookkeepers all over the place, no matter where you live.

Did you know that just about anyone can open shop and be a tax accountant, regardless of the amount of training he or she has had?

Just because someone looks like or talks like a tax accountant, that doesn’t always mean they really are a tax accountant.

Since a lot of entrepreneurs aren’t always sure what is going on with their business finances, a bad bookkeeper can take a toll on a growing business. Even when you take out the typical tax scammers, there are far too many “experts” out there who are too unskilled to handle your business taxes.

Warning signs that you have an inadequate tax accountant:

Your tax accountant is just not rooting for you

If your tax accountant is not on your side then you should reconsider working with them. Entrepreneurs and business owners need a tax accountant that is eager to help and who is knowledgeable enough to weigh risks and decisions. Business owners need someone who can be on their team every step of the way.

Your tax accountant is hard to reach

If you’ve tried calling, emailing and texting but you still can’t reach your tax accountant then there are problems! If you’re fighting to reach your accountant, then they may not be the person for your company.

Your tax accountant is not “hands-on”

An experienced tax accountant doesn’t wait for customers to call. They don’t avoid phone calls or problems and they are consistently reaching out to their clients.
Skilled accountants are good advisors.

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