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How to hire a tax accountant

Do you sense that you could use some help with your tax returns, or if you need assistance after getting rid of a previous tax accountant? You’re not alone. You need to hire a tax accountant, and you need to do it quick!

The IRS reports:

More than 50% of taxpayers hire a professional accountant!

These 3-steps will guide you to hire a tax accountant that your business needs:

Step Number 1: Pick Your Perfect Professional

There are no federal educational or professional requirements for tax preparers/tax accountants. All the tax professionals who can help with your return may have different expertise. Make sure you look into what experience and schooling your tax professional has under their belt.

Step Number 2: Business Experience

It’s true; any tax accountant could handle your information. But do they work with companies of your size? You don’t want someone who relies on “book knowledge” solely to do your bookkeeping! Your accountant should be able to understand what the IRS requests while still grasping your business concept.

Step Number 3: Available to Help Each Year

It’s annoying and exhausting to start a rapport with a tax accountant, only to have them tell you that they’re not able to do your taxes again. A worthy tax accountant “bends over backward” for their clients. Make sure that your tax accountant does what you need them to do.

Keep in mind that you are the one responsible for the information that is put on your tax return; no matter who helps you to fill it out! You hand over some of your most important and personal information to your tax accountant, make sure that you are working with someone who you can trust!.

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