A Guide to Controlling Your Procrastination

The absence of motivation can keep us from staying on track. Some of the most problematic tasks we face as entrepreneurs is procrastination – the hesitancy to take the first step for a task. If you have put off important jobs or tasks consistently, you are not alone.

All of us have procrastinated at some time or another, but some people are so affected by procrastination that it prevents them from reaching their potential. Procrastination, in certain cases, can even disrupt careers, businesses, and relationships. The key to controlling this habit is to acknowledge when you start procrastinating and then comprehend why it occurs. After that is done, you can take steps to manage your time and outcomes more successfully.

According to Yoram Solom from Inc.:

In some cases, putting off your work is one of the best things you can do for your productivity. But not all the time. Learn to know the difference.

Procrastination indicators:

  • Waiting for the “right time” to complete the important tasks that you have
  • Loading your day with low priority tasks from your To Do List
  • You start a task and almost immediately start doing something else
  • Leaving an important item on your To Do list for a long time simply because you don’t like it
  • Regularly agreeing to help with trivial tasks that others ask you to do in order to neglect your work

If you want to tackle your procrastination, try these steps:

Step 1: Recognize That You’re Procrastinating

Are you honest with yourself? If you are then, you will know when you’re procrastinating, and you can start to correct the bad habit!

Step 2: Figure out WHY You’re Procrastinating

Why do you put things off? Most jobs have boring or less than exciting aspects to them, but the best way to get them out of your head and off of your to-do list is to get them done as quickly as possible. When you are done, you will have more time to enjoy the things that make you happy!

Step 3: Adopt Some of the Following Anti-Procrastination Strategies:

  • Make-up your own rewards for completing a task
  • Ask someone else to check up on you.
  • Look at the bad things that come from not doing the tasks at hand
  • Is your disorganization resulting to your procrastination?
  • Focus on one single assignment at a time.


It does not matter how many tips we share or how many hacks we give you; all your stress can be eased when you complete the work.

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