6 Tips to Make Networking Bearable

There’s something about the bond that people make in person. Even in the tech-filled world that we live in; it’s the face-to-face networking connections that have the most meaning.

However, sometimes those connections can feel tough to come by. Some people would prefer to listen, than to talk; or ask questions instead of giving answers.

According to Dave Roos:

There are many excellent reasons to network: to expand your client base, develop business partnerships, find a better job or find some better workers. The more people you meet, the larger your network and the greater the odds of finding the best customers, partners, employers or employees.

It does not matter about your social skills, whether you have and introverted personality, or if you encounter social anxiety, we collected some effective tips that can help make networking bearable for anyone!

1. Focus on New Relationships

Networking can seem like it always requires working a room and selling yourself, but some of the very best networkers know it’s about developing lasting relationships.
Starting with this mindset change can often feel liberating. It allows you to focus on creating short, yet meaningful, conversations that build relationships that last.

2. Relax And Think Positively

Watch a hilarious movie or show before an event. Thinking positive thoughts will help you from dwelling on the pressure of the upcoming event.
Your cheerful mindset will convey during the event and help you release positive energy.

3. Keep It Productive and Simple

You don’t have to stay for the entire length of an event! Make a deal with yourself that once you’ve talked to 5 people, made a solid connection, work one full circle around the room, or gathered 7 business cards you can head home! Knowing that alone time is on the other side of the stress can be enough encouragement to make it through.

4. Embrace The Nerves

Like any skill you have, socializing takes practice. Stretching your limits will help you become good at witty chitchat and the back-and-forth of typical conversations when you are meeting new people.

5. Master the Conversation Break-In and Exit

A cultured entrance takes confidence, but once you master it, you won’t have to worry about loitering around groups in mid-conversation. One strategy recommends polite interruption and a quick introduction to someone else, followed up by telling them to keep talking. When exiting a discussion, leave when there is still a bit of “momentum” and close with a specific duty, such as trading business cards.

6. Make It About Them, Not You

To help ease an uncomfortable situation, try asking the other person questions to take the attention off yourself! Participating in what the other person is saying can make you feel at ease with yourself. Ultimately, you may begin to open up and become familiar with the group you’re spending time with.

Networking is the skill of constructing and building professional relationships, but very few of us are naturals at it. There are so many reasons to network: to expand your client base, develop business partnerships, or to even find a better job or better workers.

Get out there and use the tips above to your advantage. At its core, great networking is really just great listening.

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