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What steps do you have in place to protect your business in case of a disaster? 

Many businesses are not ready for a major storm, burst pipes, computer malfunctions or data loss… or shaking earthquakes, blazing fires, and flash floods! Because entrepreneurs aren’t prepared, many businesses are not able to reopen when their business is damaged. It doesn’t take much more than a slight loss of inventory or data to impact a small business. Some business owners simply don’t think about the risk of disasters and others don’t think that it is necessary to come up with a plan.

No one really thinks that it will happen to them.
Sure, your company is your baby. When you first set up shop, you put all of your time, talent, and money into making your business succeed. Since you put so much effort into launching and maintaining a small business, it is surprising that more owners don’t take the right steps to protect their company.
In order to protect your company, you must have a plan in store that is customized for your business.

1. Protect the most important things, try cloud based backups.

Inventory, office furniture, and computers can be can be tough financially to replace, but nothing is more valuable than your financial figures. In order to protect sensitive information, talk to your IT professional about putting your backups and financial data on a cloud-based system.

What is the cloud and what can it do for me?
The cloud is a network of interconnected storage systems and servers that are located offsite. The information that gets stored in the cloud is always available 24/7 and would not be affected by any disasters at your physical work location.
How do I use the cloud?
To use a cloud-based system, enter information on your business device, like a desktop computer or smartphone, and it is safely stored in the cloud. It is easy to use and backup information to cloud-based interfaces, almost anyone can use it.

2. Have a relocation plan

You might choose to work virtually or to set up shop at a nearby location while damages are being repaired. No matter what works best for your company, you must have a plan. Being prepared and organized for these type of events can lead to a smooth transition that can help you get your business back on its feet sooner.

3. Create a plan of communication

Things can start to get crazy during emergencies! Make sure to set up a plan of communication before disaster hits to maintain a little bit of calm in a busy time. Use tools such as a “calling tree” or social media to help spread word during disasters.
• Make sure you know what your insurance covers
Take time to talk to your insurance agent to verify your business is covered in a disaster. Sometimes business owners think that their insurance coverage will protect them, simply to find out that their exact policy didn’t cover a specific disaster.

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