Accountant’s Holiday Story

A Visit from St. Nicholas – one of the most famous Christmas Poems that we have been quoting for almost two centuries. We think that the tradition of adjusting this story started soon after. According to Wikipedia, this poem is primarily accountable for some of the idea of Santa Claus and the history of Christmas gift giving.

We bring you “our” version of this wonderful story. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

T’was a week before Christmas when all through the land

Not a client was aware of the chaos at hand

The files are all hung in the cabinets with care

In the hopes that when we looked for them, they would be there!

A bundle of appointments, clients old and new

And then toss their tax info into the queue

My eyes, crossed and bloodshot, my wrinkles a-showing

My cheeks without make-up, my nose just a-glowing

For tax time envelops us from our heads to our toes

Not much time for Christmas. That’s just how it goes

And I think to myself as down my candle burns,

Happy tax season to all – and to all … GOOD RETURNS!

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